As we are in the midst of covid-19, racism is the real pandemic that has been poisoning this country and the world for centuries. It is disheartening, disgusting, and overall disappointing. Proportionally, unarmed, unaggressive black people are MURDERED by police significantly more than any other race and that is because we are seen as threats before we are seen as human beings. Wallace Wellness stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and all the work that has been put into it. Although we may not be able to put an end to racism itself, the unlawful MURDERS and systematic oppression of our people must come to an end. Click the button below to join the fight


      I hope all is well with you! My name is Terrelle Wallace. I am a wellness coach with a passion and love for helping others improve their lives. Our physical health, mental health, and emotional health are all connected (backed by science!) and I aspire to help and educate as many people as possible!

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