What is My Why?

I have always had a passion for physical fitness, crushing goals, and being happy. There were periods in my life, where I struggled in these areas and had to take a long look in the mirror to figure out where I needed to make changes to continue moving forward.


Through experiencing my own trials and errors I've learned a great deal about how we operate as people and how to be our best versions of ourselves in the world we live in today. I have had just as many "losses" as I've had "wins" (if not more!). I've been blessed with opportunities to train people, lead workshops, and give lectures on many topics to many audiences. I've been assisting with their fitness pursuits since 2010 through coaching programs, conditioning programs, leading group classes, and 1 on 1 sessions. My public speaking engagements started in 2011 with audiences ranging from elementary school children to field grade Army Officers.

So why Wallace Wellness? I started Wallace Wellness to expand on the amount of people that I can help. Whether you need help getting back in shape, guidance on how to become a stronger leader, or help with building self confidence. I am here for you. 

  • James Madison University Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology: Exercise Science with minors in Medical Spanish and Military Leadership

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine. Certified Personal Trainer

  • Leading workshops on a variety of topics with participants ranging from 20-80

  • Giving lectures on a variety of topics

  • Individual, Small group and Large group physical fitness training