Just Enough to Get By?

Happy New Year everyone!! I pray that many blessings, successes, and great lessons go your way this year. I know it has been a while since I posted but December is a super hectic month (as I'm sure it is for all of you). Let's get into today's discussion!

A lot happened in 2019 but one event I don't talk about that much is that I bought a second vehicle. My wife and I needed not only a second vehicle, but a bigger vehicle to help us if we needed to move furniture and what not. I bought a used 2004 Nissan Titan. It's an excellent truck but there is one significant difference between this Titan and the 2015 Nissan Versa I'm used to driving...MILEAGE. The first time I ever filled up the truck it costed me almost $60. I genuinely thought gas was leaking out of the truck as I was filling up. Due to this I got into the habit of letting my tank get all the way to E and then only putting $15 or a quarter of a tank in at the time. This process was a stressful one (especially when that gaslight came on). When that light came on I would have to pause my entire life just to make sure I didn't end up stranded somewhere.

Now, I know as you read this you may be thinking "I've been there before" however, this lifestyle applies to more than putting gas in your vehicle. Have you ever made a $100 payment on a credit card just to spend $100 that same card? Do you get to work exactly on time everyday instead of getting there 10-15 min early? Do you spend minimal time with loved ones just to say you did it? Do you watch a singular 30min show on Netflix and call that your weekly self care? The list goes on and on?

This is problematic for a variety of reasons. There are reasons specific to where in your life you're doing the minimum but in general there are a few problems with doing this no matter what.

1. Doing this takes away your safety net and leaves little room for error. Doing more than the minimum is what actually prepares us for adversity. If I leave the house expecting to get to work 20 mins early, and then there's a car accident on the way then you'll still show up on time.

2. Living in this lifestyle increases stress which as a result decreases productivity and decreases quality of life. Nobody deserves to just live life in a stressful state. The buildup of stress hormone in the body can result in some pretty self destructive behaviors. For all my fitness readers, stress hormone build up also causes us to hold on to fat stores excessively and stops protein synthesis (the build up of new muscle).

3. This lifestyle doesn't set you up for long term success, only short term. Doing enough to get by does just that an only that: enough to get by. When the going gets more tough than usual, you won't be prepared. Do the extra work and put in the extra effort. This is what will set you up for long term success

New year, new decade, new time. In 2020 I challenge you to stop doing the minimum. Get to work EARLY. Workout for an hour instead of 20 min. Eat multiple healthy meals and not just one a day. Wake Up earlier. Make extra payments on those credit cards. Last, but not least...put more than quarter of a tank of gas in your car. LET'S HAVE AN AMAZING YEAR!

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