Leap of Faith

I hope all is well with you! So 2019 has been pretty hectic for me. In March I left my hometown of Virginia Beach, VA to go to Fort Sam Houston, TX to complete my Basic Officer Leadership Course (for those who don't know me, I'm currently a second lieutenant in the United States Army). The course lasted 10 weeks and I got back to Virginia Beach and two weeks later married the woman of my dreams, Genesis Wallace.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace !!

3 days later we got on a plane and spent about a week in Jamaica for our honeymoon (had a blast!). 6 days later we got on a plane and moved to our first apartment in San Antonio, Texas.

This entire process has been full of people asking a billion questions about my life. Why San Antonio? Why did you get married at 23? Why didn't you wait to save more money to have a honeymoon? Why didn't you do it this way? The answer to all of those questions can be answered the same way. God told me to, and a lot of my spontaneity in my life is because He told me to. Proposing to my wife has been a long term thought; however, the actual proposal was decided maybe 15 minutes before I did it. I woke up on that Monday thinking honeymoons were for rich people and were not important. On that Wednesday I woke up saying that I was going to take my wife out of the country once a year. On that Friday I booked our honeymoon to Montego Bay. I visited San Antonio for a graduate school tour and immediately decided my wife and I were going to move there whether I got accepted or not. I'm not saying all of God's messages to me are clear, but when they are....I move with a purpose.

I used to suffer from trying to plan excessively. To this day I still feel frazzled if my planner isn't up to date or if I don't own a dry erase board (like I don't right now). I feel like I found a healthy balance between being organized and being a perfectionist. How did this come about? I'm not sure to be honest; however, the first time I thought I might have had a problem came to light during my senior year of high school. At this point in time I was in the top 20% of my class, in 5 honor societies, got into 3 universities early admission, captain of the wrestling team, captain of the marching band, was a shift manager at my job, and getting scholarships left and right. You couldn't tell me anything at this point. That is until I didn't get into my top choice school, James Madison University. I got deferred and waitlisted which and this came to the biggest shock to me like ever. At this point the entire student body and faculty of Landstown High School knew I was Mr. JMU. Not getting in put me in a state of identity crisis. I had no where to turn but to God. Oddly enough I actually ended up getting into JMU and I thank God for that everyday. Things only got worst when I got to college (thats a different blog post ;)). It used to be really difficult for me to adjust when things didn't go as planned. I learned that this was handicapping me in more ways than one. God has already planned out my entire life and if my plan didn't fall in line with that then it wasn't going to happen. The other thing is this...LIFE HAPPENS!

A vast amount of people would look at my wife and I's current situation and say we have a lot of issues and things we need to worry about. My wife and I look at our current situation as a huge blessing. Everything that is a question mark right now has already been sorted out by God; therefore, I don't have to worry about it (still working towards goals of course but still).

The message here? Stop fearing the unknown. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Try new things. Take risks. Take the Leap of Faith! Again I hope all is well with you!

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