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Life gets hard more often than we’d like to admit. It seems like every time we get a step ahead we end up getting pushed 5 steps back. We put in more than what’s required to get ahead. We wake up early. We stay disciplined to our diets. We do the extra research. Just to get pushed back.

Regardless of those circumstances, we keep pushing. We keep praying. We keep going. We keep trying. We keep putting in effort to not take our frustration out on the people we love, and even the people we don’t. We go to work everyday smiling and being diligent to our work. We remain hopeful stay active. We smile through our pain. We keep grinding and hustling even though we simply don’t want to.

Let me tell you this.

Grew into the Army Service Uniform LOL!

If you related to the first two paragraphs of this blog I want to tell you something. I am proud of you. Life is not easy. 2019 has worked hard to try to ruin my happiness. The world is against my spiritual health and it now takes effort to remain resilient. I’m sure the same applies to you. So for all of you who are praying consistently. Going to work consistently. Trying to be better consistently. I commend you and I am so proud of you. Extremely proud of you. If no one in your life has said good job, thank you, or anything in that area I’m saying it right now. I’m also saying that your victory is coming soon. I’ve been praying on it. God has spoken to me. The next season is a season of victory. You’ve been watching the people around you succeed and get promoted, leveling up, and crushing goals and regardless, you’ve remained diligent. Your victory is coming soon.

Thank you for reading. I’m happy for you. I am proud of you. And I want you to keep working. Keep growing. Keep succeeding. Stay diligent. Stay well!

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